7 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained This Holiday

holiday crafts for kidsFor most of us, the holiday season brings to mind hot chocolate and cool gifts.

For parents of school-age kids, it also means winter break.

Days can stretch on when you're home with kids whose favorite way to fill the quiet is to announce, "I'm bored!" Because there's a (budget-guided) limit to the days that can be filled with an expensive shopping trips or pricey tickets to Favorite-Character-on-Ice, we're always looking for ways to channel that "boredom" into something more productive than tearing apart the living room.

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To calm those little voices and perhaps even infuse them with some holiday cheer, we've found seven festive, low-cost crafts to fill both hands and imaginations.

From "cupcake" Christmas ornaments to New Year's Eve noisemakers, these projects will not only keep them busy, they'll be fun to display once you're done.

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