13 Festive (and Frugal) Holiday Cocktails

holiday cocktailsPicking the perfect cocktail for your holiday soiree can be fun, but it can also get expensive—fast.

But there's no need to blow your budget on myriad spirits in the name of festivity: All you really need is a bottle of vodka, gin and rum to craft these 12 cocktails ... and one clever twist on a New Year’s Eve fizzy favorite.

Plus, the added ingredients in these drinks are either kitchen staples that you probably already have on hand—like tea, cucumbers and orange juice—or they appear in more than one recipe, saving you from having to buy specialty ingredients for each and every concoction.

From a martini rimmed with crushed candy canes to a spritzer named after your favorite red-nosed reindeer, there’s sure to be a wintry drink for you on this wish list to toast the holiday season.

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