25 Cool Gifts for Your Co-Workers—for $10 or Less

best office giftsIt’s not easy finding the perfect, but not overly personal, gift for your company’s Secret Santa.

You have to strike a balance between “the first thing I saw on the drugstore shelf” and “open in private—I know way too much about your personal life.”

The budget constraints on most office gift exchanges can make it even more difficult. Knowing you only have to spend so much should make it easier in theory, but finding thoughtful gifts with personality to boot can be hard at lower price levels.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a gift guide that has something for everyone and is easy on your wallet, too. No matter how many co-workers are on your list (or whose name you drew from the hat), these 25 pint-size presents (and perfect stocking stuffers) will turn you into a cents-savvy Secret Santa.

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