7 Money Links We Love: Would You Take a 'Gap Year' From Your Career?

7 Money Links We Love: Would You Take a 'Gap Year' From Your Career?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

If we told you that you could make dinner for the next six weeks in one Saturday afternoon, would you believe it? Make 46 Meals for Under $100 in 4 Hours - Lifehacker

A new report reveals that although women believe that gender discrimination in the workplace is a problem, many say it doesn't exist at their own jobs. Sexism? Not in My Office - CNBC

Networking can be one of the best ways to score your dream job—and mastering the "informational interview" is a critical first step. How To Land And Ace An Informational Interview - Forbes

From parking tickets to fender benders, what you do behind the wheel can affect your credit score. How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Credit - Credit.com

These gratis gifts are perfect for those who are short on cash but long on holiday cheer. Totally Free Gifts to Give This Holiday Season - POPSUGAR Smart Living

Taking time off between high school and college is fairly common, but more and more Boomers are taking similar breaks later in life—from their careers. The Case for a Midlife 'Gap' Year - The Wall Street Journal

Gift cards are a staple go-to present for tough-to-buy-for friends and family, but some cards offer perks that are better than others. Top Gift Cards for the Holidays - MainStreet

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Financial experts share how they approach seasonal spending—down to the percentage. The 50/20/30 Guide to Holiday Budgeting: Financial Planners Share Their Secrets

Still looking for something for the techie, fashionista or foodie in your life? We've got you covered. 15 Buzzy Gifts Everyone Will Want This Holiday Season

"If only I had a bigger paycheck/better boss/shorter hours, I'd love my job." If you've ever thought this, read on to see why it may not necessarily be true. 5 Things You Think Will Make You Happier at Work (But Really Won’t)

Paying down student debt and socking away for your golden years may seem equally important—and impossible to balance. How to Save for Retirement ... When You Have Student Loans

These tips—straight from LearnVest founder and C.E.O. Alexa von Tobel—will help you boost your emergency fund in no time. 8 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Savings

Left feeling unsure after an interview? It may just be nerves—but it could also mean that it's just not the right fit for you. 8 Signs You Might Not Want to Take the Job


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