7 Money Links We Love: Top Money-Saving Secrets for 2014

7 Money Links We Love: Top Money-Saving Secrets for 2014

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

It's no secret that your credit score can have a substantial impact on your financial life. But did you know you have more than one score? The Myth of the Single Credit Score - Lifehacker

New research reveals that frivolous spending isn't what's actually keeping Americans from socking away for retirement. Is "Good Debt" Ruining Your Chance of Retiring? - DailyFinance

You may rent your home or lease your car ... but what about your Christmas tree? Dogs, Jeans and Other Things You Didn't Know You Could Rent - The Week

When your work connections come through for you, return the favor with one of these gestures—like giving them a nod on social media. 4 Simple (But Powerful!) Ways to Thank Your Contacts - The Daily Muse

A Boston-based privacy company has developed a cutting-edge system for protecting your financial information online. Is it worth trying? Why You Should Use A Masked Credit Card To Shop Online - Forbes

From a site that determines what you'll actually pay for a particular college to a slew of new options to save on travel, there will be plenty of opportunities to cut your costs in 2014. Best New Ways to Save Money - CNN Money

Why some experts think the holidays may be the right time to put your house on the market. Should You List Your Home During the Holidays? - Zillow

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Looking for the perfect gift to ship to far away family and friends? Check out our expert-recommended mail-order goodies. 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Best Mail-Order Companies

From serving a "signature cocktail" at your shindig to profiting from your empty home while you're on the road, these unique tips will keep you feeling flush this holiday season. 12 Clever Secrets to Keep Holiday Costs in Check

This man managed to shave some serious cash from his household's monthly expenses during the recession—and he thinks you can, too. The $1,000 Challenge: How I Painlessly Cut My Family’s Monthly Budget

If you've ever wondered how your own work-life balance stacks up against others', read on. Infographic: Is Work Taking Over Americans’ Lives?

Three people prove that you can bounce back from a money disaster—but it takes a lot of work. How to Make a Financial Comeback: 3 Real-Life Tales of Resilience


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