The 9 Coolest Work Perks: New Ways Companies Are Scoring Points


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    • George Lass

      Although Google offers services like laundry service, it isn’t actually free. You still have to pay but it’s convenient to be able to bring it in the morning and take it back after work.

    • Andy Taylor

      None of these come close to perks, they are ways that employers can squeeze more work out of you without needing to pay you more:
      1. Valet parking simply means that instead of finding a space for yourself, you then give your boss another 10 minutes of your time. Remember, don’t forget to tip that valet as well – and your boss won’t pay for that
      2. If I see another pet in my office, I’ll throw it out the window. It’s hard enough to deal with people at work – now you expect me to have your yapping smelly furball that I am allergic to at the office too? I don’t need that thank you very much.
      3. Innovation Mondays? Great – you turn off my phone so then I have to work an extra 4 hours because I don’t have access to e-Mails that “must be replied to ASAP” – great… and you don’t pay me overtime for that either!
      4. Massages? Seriously? We are supposed to work, not be a branch of Massage Envy – you want a backrub, go somewhere else!
      5. Everyone’s a “Co-president”? Great… now we have to deal with a bunch of bossy jerks who think they are in charge so no one can move forward with anything. There’s a corporate structure for a reason people!
      6. Free food? Great… you don’t want us to leave the building to actually take a break so you think that having us grab a snack is a good thing? Seriously?
      7. How is a smile file a perk? That’s insanity. Give me a raise or something. It doesn’t make me happy when I see a nice note.
      8. Charity? That’s a perk? What? Perks help YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY – not others. You want to do charity, go do something on a weekend. Seriously

      • Boo

        Boy – I bet you’re a real joy to work with every. damn. day.

        • David McGinnis

          the cliché “glass-half-empty” doesn’t even begin to describe people like you, Andy.