8 Creative Ways Real Families Give Gifts

holiday giftsThe holiday season is here, bringing excitement and, if you’re past the Santa Claus stage, perhaps a little bit of dread.

It's that pesky gift list, raising all sorts of stressful questions: When do we shop? Do we buy something for every member of the extended family—and if so, how much do we spend? Most importantly, how can we make the people we love feel good without detonating our holiday budgets?

These families have gone beyond the tried and true and come up with amazingly fun ways to celebrate the season ... and each other.

Some give "December gifts" (once everything's discounted), others play Christmas poker. One interfaith family celebrates a yearly visit form their own alterna-Santa! And one mom-and-daughter pair has a life-long tradition of hitting the road together on December 26th.

Read on for fun ideas you can steal—or if you just need a smile in between checking off holiday tasks.

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