7 Money Links We Love: Make Money Doing (Next to) Nothing

7 Money Links We Love: Make Money Doing (Next to) Nothing

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Want to do your part to improve the country's bottom line? It could be as simple as tying the knot. The One Thing You Can Do to Boost the American Economy - MainStreet

Fact: You don't have to pillage your bank account to serve up a proper feast this Turkey Day. 6 Tips to Cut Your Thanksgiving Costs - POPSUGAR Smart Living

These eccentric work methods—like thinking backward—could propel your career forward. 5 Unconventional Habits That’ll Make You Successful - The Daily Muse

Could a retro class in high school solve such national problems as obesity and financial illiteracy? How Home Ec Could Save a Generation - The Week

When his great aunt passed away, this writer suddenly found himself flush with cash—and debating what to do. What I Did With My $35,000 Windfall - The Billfold

If you're looking for a way to make a few extra bucks while standing in line at the supermarket or waiting to see the dentist, check out these tips. How to Make Money Doing (Almost) Nothing - Lifehacker

Research reveals that many Americans don't pick up on the many not-so-subtle clues that an investment is phony. More Than 40% of Consumers Don't Recognize Red Flags of a Scam - DailyFinance

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Everyone was atwitter over Twitter this week ... but should you be? The Twitter IPO: What You Need to Know

From a video game résumé to a "hire me" plea emblazoned on a billboard, today's hiring managers have seen it all. But is a gimmick really a good idea? Desperately Seeking a Job: Should You Pull a Crazy Stunt to Get Hired?

A debt expert dishes on everything from the most common problem that she sees to how much debt is too much. 10 Questions for … a Debt Counselor

The ups and downs of the economy may have left you wary of stashing your nest egg in the stock market, but there are also risks to leaving it liquid. Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Retirement Savings in Cash

It seems that career advancement can be as simple as posing a few key questions to your superior. 8 Get-Ahead Questions to Ask Your Boss

Research shows that raising a food-allergic child can cause household costs to skyrocket 30%. Kids & Food Allergies: 4 Ways to Keep High Costs in Check

She was making nearly six-figures out of school—and it almost led to her financial downfall. How My First ‘Grown-Up Job’ Landed Me in Debt


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