7 Families Share Their Time-Honored Holiday Money Traditions

family holiday traditionsAs the holiday season begins, families across the country will launch into another round of classic traditions—from braving mall crowds at 4 A.M. on Black Friday to humoring dad as he sings off-key Christmas carols.

In a joint survey conducted by LearnVest and Chase Blueprint®, we found that families actually value tradition more than ever these days ... right down to the little things. Case in point: 80% of those polled said that sitting down for dinner as a family was important when they were growing up—and 70% of them make an effort to re-create that ritual with their own families.

The truth is that we take comfort in what we know, and for some families, the traditions that they most appreciate center on teaching future generations the right money values.

So just in time for the holiday season, we asked seven people to reveal their family's most-prized financial tradition—whether it's concealing coins under the tree to illustrate the difference between wants versus needs or using Christmas stockings to impart a valuable lesson about budgeting.

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