Which Country Treats Its Workers Best?

Which Country Treats Its Workers Best?

If you’d like to work in the country that treats its workers best, head to Switzerland.

According to the recently released Human Capital Report by the World Economic Forum, the Swiss scored the best marks out of 122 countries, which were ranked according to how they foster their workforces. Yemen came in last place. And just where is the U.S.? Well, it didn’t even make the top 10, coming in at a mediocre 16th place.


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The study, the first of its kind, took into account four different areas—education, health, employment and “enabling environment," the Wall Street Journal reports. That last measure includes factors like transportation (how easy it is to actually get to work) as well as the nation’s relevant laws.

But one area in particular was largely responsible for plummeting the United States ranking: health. Because the country’s levels of depression and stress are so relatively high, the U.S. comes in 43rd place under that category.

However, the U.S. does have some particular strong suits, like education, as well as attracting and retaining exceptional employees.

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And while there was a tendency for the wealthier countries to rank higher in the report, this wasn’t an absolute. As Saadia Zahidi, the head of the Human Capital project, explained to the WSJ, high-income nations like Russia and Kuwait actually had relatively low rankings, because they don’t tend to focus as much on their workers as similarly rich nations. “Countries that invest in human capital are able to prosper,” she said.


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