Simple D.I.Y. Costumes for the Baby on a Budget

Simple D.I.Y. Costumes for the Baby on a Budget

Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means.

It's time to dress up the baby.


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Costumes for the littlest family members are especially tempting, because nothing is cuter than a grinning pumpkin or laughing moo-cow—but doesn't everyone have strollers full of would-be gourds and farm animals?

You want a fun and unique costume for your little one, but you don’t want to get duped into spending a fortune on an outfit they’ll wear once.

Solution: Create these cute, affordable and easy T-shirt (or onesie, depending on your child's size) costumes in under an hour, using just a few simple materials.

baby football costume 2The Living Football

The smallest sports fan in your house bears a striking resemblance to a football in a brown onesie with white felt "laces."

Get really creative and make an easy football player costume for yourself out of a jersey and some black war paint, then tote your little one along and tell friends to "go long!"


  • Brown onesie or T-shirt
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

1. Start by cutting out a strip of white felt measuring 1½ inches wide and 8 inches long. The length will depend on the size of your onesie or T-shirt, so you may need to make it smaller or bigger—we used a 12-18 month size.

2. Cut 5 strips of white felt measuring 3¼ inches wide and ¾ inches tall.

3. Lay the onesie or T-shirt on a table or other flat surface. Hot glue the long strip to the middle of the shirt.

4. Without glue, lay the smaller strips of white felt on top of the already-glued longer strip to make sure they are spaced evenly. You will want to leave a small bit of white felt at the top and the bottom.

5. Hot glue the smaller strips of white felt into place. Set aside to dry.

Baby Peacock CostumeThe Littlest Peacock

It's an adorable costume and a learning experience all in one—can your tiny avian impersonator say "peacock?"

Go all out dressing the rest of the family as other residents of the zoo, and use the opportunity to practice animal sounds. Wait ... what sound does a peacock make?


  • Blue or green onesie or T-shirt
  • 7 peacock feathers (available at, Walmart or your local craft store)
  • Several smaller blue and green feathers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

1. Start by laying the onesie or T-shirt face down on a flat surface, back facing up.

2. To make the peacock's plume, the longest feather should measure approximately 17 inches. The next two feathers that will make the plume should measure 16 inches, the next two should measure 14 inches and the last two should measure 12 inches. The length of the feathers may vary depending on the size of your shirt, so trim with scissors if needed. We used a onesie sized for 6-12 months.

3. Lay the feathers out on the back of the shirt. The longest one should be in the center, going straight up towards the neck. Make sure it sticks out above the neck of the shirt.

4. Take the next two feathers, align the bottoms with the first feather and fan them out slightly to each side. Repeat this step with the remaining feathers, overlapping for a fuller plume. Make sure they’re sticking out enough so that you can see the feathers from the front of the shirt for maximum impact.

5. Hot glue the feathers down, gluing about three-quarters of the way up each one.

6. To cover the pointy ends of the feathers, hot glue several of the small feathers to the bottom, making a second, smaller plume at the larger plume's base. Set aside to dry.


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