Gratis Money Advice From a Stanford Professor

Gratis Money Advice From a Stanford Professor

It's a common lament: Schools don't teach us about personal finance.

And for those of us who are well out of college or graduate school, we'll never have exposure to that type of class ... but finance professor Joshua Rauh is looking to change that.

Rauh, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is offering a free online course called "Finance of Retirement and Pensions," which began yesterday, October 14, and goes until December 13. When you sign up, you can access his 45-minute recorded lectures at your leisure.


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From the course description:

"In this eight-week course, you will learn the financial concepts behind sound retirement plan investment and pension fund management. Course participants will become more informed decision makers about their own portfolios, and be equipped to evaluate economic policy discussions that surround public pensions. The course begins with the principles of financial economics, such as the distribution of outcomes when investing in stocks, bonds, or annuities. These serve as the building blocks for an understanding of different retirement strategies that can help you improve your asset allocation. Finally, the course applies these principles to government programs and policies."

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It seems like Professor Rauh has really hit on something—the New York Times reports that there are already 13,000 students.

We won't hold it against you if you prefer another way to continue your studies: You can always learn more about your money here at LearnVest by signing up for our daily email newsletter or one of our free bootcamps, which will teach you more about everything from investing to taxes to getting out of debt.


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