And the Award Goes To … Which Fictional Boss Are You?

The bossSo you're the boss, which means that you set the tone of the office. As the big shot at the end of the hall, you control more than just your employees’ to-do lists—you also hold sway over everything from the agenda of meetings to the unofficial dress code.

Yes, a boss's impact can be all-encompassing. Case in point: According to Lynn Taylor, author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant," the average employee spends 19 hours per week worrying about a superior's words and actions—and six of those are weekend hours.

There are as many types of bosses as there are stars in the sky–from the my-way-or-the-highway tyrant to the eager-to-pacify pushover. Office situations on TV and in the movies show these familiar supervisors, too.  While watching Michael Scott on a rerun of "The Office," who hasn't thought, “Geez, I had a dope like that for a boss a while back”?

Ever wondered which TV or movie boss could be your doppelganger? Take our quiz to find out which fictional head honcho best matches your management style. Or, better yet, take it on your boss's behalf!

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