8 Budget-Friendly Vacation Alternatives to Iconic Getaways

cambodiaWhen it comes to choosing travel destinations, certain trusted standards spring to mind: Paris for urban exploring. The Bahamas for beach lolling. Greece for island hopping. Napa for wine.

The trouble is that these popular spots can prove pricey. Luckily, there are plenty of alternative locales—fabulous in their own right—that can offer parallel experiences, minus the hefty expense.

“It’s a classic way to approach travel,” explains Anne Banas, executive editor of SmarterTravel. “If you can’t afford one destination, choose somewhere with similar flavor—not a substitute, but something both different and related.”

With Banas’s guidance, we scavenged memorable (and less expensive) alternatives to eight iconic getaways around the world.

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  • Val

    Great article! Feeling the travel bug start to bite…

  • Warren Andrews

    Choosing perfect location for your vacation depends upon the type of vacation you want.As if the vacation is of adventure than prefer adventures place and for natural vacation visit hilly places.

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  • takemeawaytravel

    Croatia is more expensive than Greece, especially if you stay in Dubrovnik where you will get chraged a fee to enter the beach area, use the showers and even to use the restrooms. Much cheaper country to visit is Montenegro which is Croatia’s neighbor with the same climate, historic places and beautiful beaches.