8 Affordable Recipes for Fresh Fall Apples

apple recipesIf your weekend plans include a leisurely drive to take in the beautiful fall foliage, chances are that you'll also do some apple picking, which can only mean one thing—bushels upon bushels of fruit.

And while there's no denying that nothing says autumn quite like a thick slice of homemade apple pie, there are plenty of other delicious things that you can do with all that McIntosh, Macoun and Granny Smith fruit.

From a stout-spiked cake to cider-braised pork, these affordable recipes will give you some fresh perspective on what to do with those pounds and pounds of apples.

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  • Cathy Sawyer

    Okay, I don’t drink stout — I do have apple ale on hand. Would that work? Also, not a whiskey drinker. Do you think rum or something else might work??

    • Meg

      Just made the recipe, and you don’t taste the stout at all, I wouldn’t recommend a sweet ale, a dry stout is the better way to go (Guinness is a good bet). Same with the whiskey, you don’t taste it in the cream, but I bet rum would probably work just as well.

  • KC

    The link for the tart dough isn’t there/working.