7 Money Links We Love: You've Got Money ... in Your Email?

7 Money Links We Love: You've Got Money ... in Your Email?

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

From taxes to college tuition, these bills are best paid for with something other than plastic. 4 Expenses You Should Never Put on a Credit Card - SmartAsset

Unbelievably, there are some people who actually would have profited in the event of a government default. If We Lose, They Win: Who'd Have Benefited From a Debt Default? - DailyFinance

Americans nearing retirement age are coming to terms with the fact that they may never completely exit the workforce. Poll: Half of Older Workers Delay Retirement Plans - MSN

These magic words could save you the annoyance of a $35 late fee from your bank. Money Saving Phone Calls: What to Say If You Miss a Credit Card Bill - Lifehacker

Millions of people are on an all-cash diet—but is it hurting their bottom lines? Paying With Cash Costs Americans $200 Billion a Year - TODAY

Instead of listening to talk radio while en route to work, you could try these career-boosting techniques. 5 Ways Your Commute Can Help Your Career - MainStreet

This new service allows you to instantly send cash to anyone—regardless of where you bank. The Money Is in the Email - The Wall Street Journal

LearnVest Stories Not to Miss

It's a phenomenon that's happening across the country: high-earning women are forgoing investing and keeping their savings in cash. What gives? The Sit-It-Out Syndrome: Why Women Are Afraid to Invest Their Hard-Earned Cash

Danny Kofke and his family live on a modest teacher's salary—yet they're well on their way to saving $1 million. Confessions of an Average Joe: ‘I’ve Saved $60K for Retirement—on a $40K Salary’

A former working mom who burned out at her dream job describes how society needs to change if women are ever going to truly "have it all." Confessions of an Anti-Sheryl Sandberg: Why I Don’t Believe in ‘Leaning In’

Is it just a bad week or is your job rut permanent? An expert explains how to figure out when it's time to move on. 3 Ways to Tell You Need a Career Change

Attention "helicopter" and "lawnmower" parents! Why It’s O.K. to Let Kids Fail: A Guide to Not Overparenting

Which TV or movie personality is your managerial match? Take our quiz to find out. And the Award Goes To … Which Fictional Boss Are You?


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