Why I Can’t Wait for LearnVest LIVE (Hint: It’s the People.)

Alexa von Tobel

alexa lv liveOur LearnVest LIVE events are just days away, and I cannot wait to meet so many of you in person and dive headfirst into this year’s theme: Being financially fearless.

We already talk fearlessly about everything else—diets, relationships, politics—so we’re pledging to get fearless when it comes to talking about money. Taboos be gone …. Let’s spark a real conversation!

At LearnVest, we talk to you about money every day—when you lovingly allow us into your inbox as a devoted LearnVest Daily reader or when you have your financial planner on speed dial—but there is nothing like getting real in person. At this event, the LearnVest team will be there full-force: Behind the scenes, in the crowd and on stage.

It’s also a unique opportunity to be in a room of hundreds of like-minded people who want to achieve the same things you do. People who, like you, are working on similar financial goals, like buying homes, taking care of their families, or advancing their careers.

LearnVest LIVE wouldn’t be complete without some of our favorite experts who embody financial fearlessness. Why these speakers? Well, here’s a taste:

  • Joanna Coles (NYC) helms Cosmopolitan magazine as editor in chief. She killed it at last year’s event (and was labeled a “rockstar” by attendees) and she’ll be back to share her wit and wisdom.
  • Aida Mollenkamp (LA) left a career in finance to put herself through culinary school in France, then worked her way up to shows on The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. She’ll share how she turned her passion into her career.
  • Alison Rogers (NYC) braved the crazy world of New York real estate, wrote a memoir about it entitled “Diary of a Real Estate Rookie,” founded the real estate section of The New York Post and works as a successful real estate agent in the city.

Believe it or not—talking about money can be fun. Especially when you do it over a bottle of wine (or with cocktails in hand) in a room full of friends.

Tickets for LearnVest LIVE 2013 have flown, but we’re opening up an extra 100 tickets for each event. Snag one for LA (on September 24, from 6-9:30 p.m.) or NYC (on October 1, from 5-9 p.m.) at our members-only rate of $25.

It’s time to make progress on our money, together. I’ll see you there!

LearnVest Planning Services (LVPS), a subsidiary of LearnVest Inc., is a registered investment adviser that offers financial plans to its clients.

  • erica o

    I’m super excited to attend this event as well. I attended last year and loved it! Even though I’m coming from Toronto, it’s still always worth the trek to come , be inspired and learn new things with like minded folks. I couldn’t agree more with Alexa- being able to participate in this event has shifted my money knowledge, shed my guilt and allowed me to understand that my money is a tool or resource that can help me live the life I want to live.
    O and the freebies were absolutely awesome!
    Can’t wait!

  • Guest

    What are the hours of the event?

  • Jerusha DeVargas

    Come to San Francisco!

  • C-Rae

    You should come to the Bay Area!

  • Jill Donaghy

    Come to DC!

  • Mona

    You should think about telecasting the events in LA and NYC to other locations in the country so more people can participate even if at a distance. A good lesson from Chick-filet’s Leadercast each year.

  • Amanda

    I never saw any advertisements for LearnVest Live. I attended last year in NYC and never saw anything about the event for this year. I would have loved to attend again. How did you promote this event?

  • Justine Garcia

    Very excited to attend this event! Ready to be inspired to plan, save and spend smart. Can’t wait to be among other lovely and talented ladies!

  • Maribel Rivera

    I’m looking forward to attending again this year. Last year was inspirational for me. This year I hope to be inspired again especially now that I have recently been laid off and am looking to start my own business.