Who Pays for What in a Wedding?


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    • Guest

      I could never imagine asking my parents to pay for a decision I made as an adult, whether it is college tuition, to get married, buy a house, etc. I would say if your parents offer, THEN schedule a conversation about it. If they don’t approach you to offer to pay for some things, then I think it is inappropriate to approach them. Hopefully families have talked about it and both sides (children and parents) have at least given hints on where they stand in terms of paying for a wedding in advance so you’re not going blind. We paid for my wedding, but it was incredibly small and then we traveled to family throughout the year after to see family that were not included in the wedding itself.

      • AA

        This decision very much depends on the family, and on the bride’s and groom’s relationships with their parents (or whomever they are asking). I think most (emphasis on “most”) people have an idea of what their parents’ mindset is in this regard, and, if not, it’s still perfectly OK to ask in a polite, not-entitled way.