Take the "What I Wish They Taught in School" Money Challenge (The Prize Is $250!)

Take the "What I Wish They Taught in School" Money Challenge (The Prize Is $250!)

If you're like the majority of us, you probably didn't learn much about money in school.

In fact, the lack of personal finance education in most schools is the very reason why founder and C.E.O. Alexa von Tobel started LearnVest in the first place.

"Personal finance isn't taught in high schools, colleges or graduate programs across the United States," von Tobel explained in her 2012 TedX speech. "People typically learn about personal finance from talking to their parents, who unfortunately were also never formally educated about personal finance. The takeaway there is that most people simply learn through trial and error."


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And considering that the average person makes numerous financial decisions on a daily basis, that's a lot of trial and error! So in the spirit of back-to-school season, September's money challenge is simple: What important financial lesson do you wish you were taught in school—and why?

Maybe it's how you really could have benefitted from learning the ins and outs of getting a mortgage—long before your 30s. Or perhaps it would have been great to know early on the difference between good and bad debt ... you know, like before you racked up a ton of the latter in your 20s.

Once you post your story in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win $250!

Be sure to use your email address when you comment—it won’t be visible to other users—so we can notify you should you win.


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