What’s Your Cost-Per-Wear? A New Way to Evaluate Your Closet


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    • 20smthgirl

      That cost per wear for the suit is not taking into account the cost of dry cleaning it every other wear. I’m sure that drives up the cost per wear significantly.

    • imdb

      I think the dress for Lindsay needs a lighter color on top (not black) as this dress is more of a spring/summer color. Even a brown to match it would be good. Also, I don’t think $40 is ‘super cheap’ for most clothing. That being said, I have pairs of black leather boots and shoes that I’ve had for years. Each day as I sit down to put my shoes on, I put a little bit of leather polish on each one and shine away in 5 seconds flat. As the heel wears down I have them resoled. Buy simple styles with out a lot of bells and whistles, and those things will last you a good, long time. You can add zing with jackets, scarves, and jewelry.