Does Your Job Security Come With a Catch?

Does Your Job Security Come With a Catch?

The good news? More and more Americans feel secure in their current gigs.

74% of American workers don't feel like their jobs are going away anytime soon, up from just 66% in 2011, according to a new Randstad study. Since the recession, more people are also confident in the overall strength of the economy and their employers, the study found.

But there’s a hitch.


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According to a host of new surveys, employees also increasingly suspect that in exchange for job security, they’ll be paying a price.

43% of U. S. employees fear their benefits will be slashed, versus just 27% in 2008, according to a new Gallup study.

Additionally, workers are afraid that more job security will mean more, well, work. In a Harris Interactive survey, 56% of employees fear they’ll be required to take on more work—for no bump in pay.

As MarketWatch reports, those fears aren’t entirely unfounded: Hourly wages increased by just 2.2% in August, compared to last year, according to new Labor Department data.

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But there are other ways to make up for fewer perks and less pay. MarketWatch recommends negotiating other, nonsalary benefits, like working from home or getting experience with other departments. After all, job security isn't everything.


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