Bad Career News for Perfectionists

Anna Williams

perfectionist workaholicAccording to a new study, perfectionism and workaholism go hand in hand. No surprise there, except there’s a certain type of perfectionist who is more prone to compulsively work.

The study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, suggests that not all perfectionists are created equal. The researchers defined “self-oriented perfectionists” as those who derive a sense of accomplishment through reaching standards they set for themselves. But there are also “socially prescribed perfectionists” who feel they need to meet others’ excessively high standards.

According to the research, self-oriented perfectionists are more likely to be workaholics, whereas those who are socially prescribed perfectionists aren’t as prone to overworking.

“Workaholism in self-oriented perfectionists is … characterized by personal importance and ego involvement as well as being motivated by internal rewards and punishment,” study researcher Dr. Joachim Stoeber, said in a statement.

Many people brag about being workaholics, so we’ve come to think that having a 24-7 career is a good thing. But the researchers assert that workaholism is about more than merely having enthusiasm for a job. Rather, it can be a harmful trait that leads to emotional, social and physical health problems.

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