9 Back-to-School Savings Tips From Real Parents


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    • emmegebe

      I spent less than $50 this year for school supplies for 3 kids (one elementary, one middle, one HS). First of all, we reused any durable stuff that was still in good shape from last year — backpacks, pencil boxes, scissors, rulers, lunch boxes, etc. Then, at the height of back-to-school shopping season, I sat down with my kids’ school supply lists and the Sunday newspaper ads and wrote down the best deals offered by each store for things we needed. Every office supply store and mass-merchandiser had different loss-leader deals like filler paper for 1¢ or markers for 25¢. During the next week, as convenient, I stopped by the various stores. If the loss leaders were poor quality or my kid had a preference for another brand or kind, I spent more. My spending total also included optional reams of printer paper and boxes of tissues requested by the schools.