8 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for School—or Work!

school lunchAs the school year kicks off, you may find yourself facing the what-to-pack-for-lunch conundrum once again.

And even for those of us who don’t have children to feed, after a summer spent likely eating out too much, autumn can be a great time to vow to get back on budget by cooking more—and brown-bagging it more.

These eight affordable recipes are perfectly portable, kid- (and grown-up-) friendly, and far healthier than anything you’d buy at the cafeteria.

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  • mleyes

    most schools are nut-free, so that would kick 3 recipes off … plus chives, capers … for kids? Although my kid loves capers, most don’t. These are not really for kids.

    • 2cents

      It says for school or work and school includes everything from kindergarten to grad school. It never said this was a list solely for grade school kids. And the schools my friend’s kids go to are not nut free, there are nut free areas.

      I was very happy with this article.

    • Jade Mahoney

      Ugh, I never developed a taste for capers. Your kids are braver than I.

  • Gary @ Saving Money Blog

    Thanks for the great post, and I can’t wait to try a few. I’ve been bored lately with what I have been bringing to work for lunch. This has got me motivated again!