6 High-Paying Jobs That Could Be in Your Future

food chemist"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

We've all heard this question. And, in all likelihood, chances are that you probably dabbled with the idea of becoming an astronaut or a superhero as a kid. In high school, you may have been dead-set on becoming president. Of course, by the time college graduation rolls around, many of us have moved on to more realistic career goals.

But with our hyper-connected world moving a mile a minute these days, the tried-and-true professions that everyone pursues today could quickly become a thing of the past.

So what does the future hold? Ever heard of ethical hacking? Yeah, neither had we. We spoke to Thomas Frey, author of  "Communicating With the Future," to suss out the six quickly growing power professions of the future that you should know about. Now tell us again: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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  • Friedrich

    You are confusing ethics with morality. To act morally is to do what is required of you by those currently in power. To act ethically is to do what is required of you by your own values. Hackers who work against states and corporations, rather than for them, are also ethical – though clearly immoral!

    • Ethics Professor

      Its the exact opposite actually

  • Friedrich

    Re the food chemist nonsense – can you folks not think/feel what it would be like to eat the crap that would come out of a printer? It would be even worse than what comes out of the freezer.

  • 3-D printers in space….replicator anyone? Ha ha. Star Trek <3