Monthly Archives: September 2013

When the Wealthy Don’t Feel Rich

New research shows that transitioning into retirement can be hardest for high earners. Find out what’s to blame. More

Moms Spill Their Secrets: How I Supersave on After-School Activities

Seven savvy parents share the creative tricks that keep their costs down. More

Which Mortgage Term Is Really Right for You?

Research reveals that 30-year fixed-rate mortgages dominate the market. But this option may not be the best for everyone. More

Is a Mortgage a Marker of Adulthood?

One writer worries that her reluctance to buy a home is holding her back as she approaches age 30. More

Money & Divorce: 8 Dos and Don’ts Men Need to Know

Experts say divorce is especially hard for men. Find out why, and what you need to do to get through it—financially and otherwise. More

New-Home Syndrome: How Renovating Dreams Can Dig You Into a Hole

The siren call of decorating a new home is hard to resist. Here’s how not to dig yourself into a hole—and how real homeowners did. More

7 Money Links We Love: Why Calling Yourself “Middle Class” Could Hurt Your Finances

Why you should be careful what you “like” on Facebook, nine great books on home buying and more in this week’s roundup. More

Your $1,000-a-Year Lunch Habit

A survey reveals just how much habitually eating a midday meal out can add up—and finds that one gender outspends by nearly 50%. More

3 Reasons Why You Might Need Cancer Insurance

If your family history has you worried about getting cancer, a disease-specific policy could be right for you. Here’s the 101. More

Is It Possible to Over-Plan Your Life?

It’s good to have goals, but these over-planners take that to extremes. Which approach is better? We asked the experts. More