Take the August Money Lessons Learned Challenge ... and Win $250!

Take the August Money Lessons Learned Challenge ... and Win $250!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to regrets: The first advises to "live without them." And the second advocates to "learn from them."

At LearnVest, we're clear fans of the second school.


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Look, we get it—we all make mistakes. We all have regrets—especially the spending kind. Whether it's going dangerously over budget to make your summer trip totally spectacular or buying your eighth flimsy iPhone case, we know what it feels like to wish that you hadn't so easily handed over that hard-earned cash.

Or take these more significant financial hindsight stories that we've shared with you:

  • The woman who regrets not getting life insurance before she got pregnant because the rates spike if you're already expecting
  • The man who enjoyed his handsome salary a little too much—only to end up living on a pension, and having to hunt for a job in retirement

And this brings us to our August monthly challenge: This month, we want to hear all about your financial regrets—and, most of all, we also want to hear what your game plan is to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Once you post your story in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win $250!

Be sure to use your email address when you comment—it won’t be visible to other users—so we can notify you should you win.


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