Garden Mixology: 5 Summer Cocktails Made With Fresh Flowers and Herbs

watermleonNatalie Bovis—a.k.a. The Liquid Muse—knows her herbs and spices. In January, the master mixologist was tapped to create a signature cocktail for the Green Inaugural Ball. Her clever concoction? The OM-Bama—a drink that paid homage to the commander in chief using a blend of blood orange, wild cranberry, vodka, lemon juice and cloves for added kick.

Bovis has a knack for integrating unusual, garden-sourced ingredients in her libations. In fact, she wrote an entire book about it: "Edible Cocktails: From Garden to Glass—Seasonal Cocktails With a Fresh Twist." So we asked Bovis to share her top five summer cocktail recipes that call for inexpensive herbs and flowers that you can pluck from your garden—or window box.

“There’s no bigger thrill than taking something from my own garden to use in a drink,” Bovis says. “I hope these recipes help both your kitchens and gardens bloom!”

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  • mlmbg

    What is “june liqueur” an ingredient in the Agavecado summer drink mentioned above?