Do You Have What It Takes to Be Entrepreneurial?

smiling entrepreneurAfter a particularly long day at the office—you know, the kind in which you have a disagreement with your boss, and then lose two hours of work after your computer freezes, yet again—the idea of working for yourself probably seems pretty appealing.

In moments like these, you may find yourself wondering, "Should I start my own business? Could I succeed as an entrepreneur?"

Well, there are some key traits that make up the DNA of most entrepreneurs: the ability to take on risk, work independently and multitask with ease. And according to Christina Daves, a serial entrepreneur who was named one of the Top 200 Leading Moms in Business by StartupNation, you also need to possess another important feature: The ability to hear "no" over and over again—and then figure out how to turn it into a "yes."

Curious if you have what it takes? Take our quiz to find out!

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      you gotta be a boss at wat u do

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