Charitable Giving: Not All Generations Are Equal

Charitable Giving: Not All Generations Are Equal

Which charitable causes do you support? Also, how old are you?

A new study shows that these two questions might be related. A study from software company Blackbaud measured charitable giving by generation, and the Baby Boomers came out on top.

Forbes reports that through an online survey this spring of adults who had made at least one charitable donation in the last year, Blackbaud found that givers ages 49-67 are both the biggest segment of the surveyed population—with 51 million members—and the group that makes the largest contributions (43% of all dollars donated).


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It isn't just old-school sending a check, either: The survey found that the Boomers are increasingly giving online. Plus, they have no problem being approached by friends raising money for a good cause.

Their beneficiaries of choice include social service charities, houses of worship and health organizations (preferences shared across all generations), as well as veterans' causes. Gen X and Gen Y, however, are much more likely to donate to children’s charities, human rights and international causes.

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With all of the recent press about Gen Y's selfishness—not to mention their generally dismal employment numbers—you might not be surprised to find out that members of this generation only gave 11% of the total donations ... but bear in mind: Gen X and Matures (those over age 68) didn't do all that much better, giving 20% and 26%, respectively.


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