7 Ways to Make the Most of End-of-Summer Vegetables

End of Summer Veggie RecipesAlthough the weather may be getting nippier nowadays, with that first hint of fall in the air at night, your garden likely hasn’t gotten the memo just yet.

At this point in the season, gardens and farmers' markets are still churning out a bounty of tomatoes and zucchini—but our stomachs are somewhat over the idea of another Caprese salad or chilled soup. What we crave is something a little warmer, a little heartier ... yet still decidedly summery.

The solution: Consider these affordable, end-of-summer recipes, which will give you some fresh perspective on what to do with all of those veggies still growing in your garden.

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  • Love these recipes. I’m doing my shopping and prep today so I’ll be trying this out tomorrow most likely!