7 Trendy Super Foods: Are They Worth the Extra Money?

coconutDoes Greek yogurt offer enough bonus nutrition to warrant the higher price? Are those expensive, gluten-free products really a better buy than a regular loaf of bread? And why are expensive chia seeds suddenly the new It Food, anyway?

We spoke to Lisa Goldberg, a licensed clinical nutritionist, to decipher which trendy foods live up to their claims (and heftier price tags)—and which could be a waste of money.

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  • Fred Bloggs

    Does everything have to be a slide show? What happened to just writing a simple article that we could read?

    • Fred Bloggs

      Right after posting I saw that you DO have an option to display everything as an article. Thank you for that!

  • Ducky

    Greek yogurt is worth the money?? it’s regular yogurt that has been dehydrated! you can make your own by straining regular yogurt in your fridge overnight. Definitely not worth the money!

  • Ellen Freeman

    These foods are really delicious but according to the weight loss coaching I’ve attended last weekend. It’s alright to spend big amount of money when it comes to food and your health but bear on mind that not all the time you will need to spend big amount of money just for food.