7 Money Links We Love: Why the Well-to-Do Are Raking in the Financial Aid

7 Money Links We Love: Why the Well-to-Do Are Raking in the Financial Aid

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

As tempting as it may be to craft one perfect resume, tailoring a C.V. to each position that you're applying for often yields better results. And here's how to test whether your customization is on track. Have a Friend Read Your Resume, Then Guess the Job You're Applying For - Lifehacker

Snag the most value for your monthly check in these 10 renter-friendly locales. Renting? Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck in These Cities - Zillow

These strapped-for-cash newlyweds funded their honeymoon entirely through online deals sites. My Groupon Honeymoon: One Frugal Couple's Travel Experiment - The Week

Before you quit your current gig to take the plunge into a whole new field, check out these tips to make sure that your sudden career switch actually makes sense. 5 Ways to Test-Drive a New Career - The Daily Muse

Recent stats show that the wealthiest households are getting a sweet tax discount that's not available to middle-class families. Where the Rich Get Their Money From ... and How It Affects You - DailyFinance

And speaking of the well-to-do. It seems that more and more universities are funneling financial aid to kids who hail from richer families. What gives? Why Colleges Give More Aid to the Wealthy - The Fiscal Times

Kids under 18 are 50 times as likely as the average person to have their identities stolen—and they're especially susceptible at back-to-school time.Your Child May Unknowingly Be the Victim of Identity Theft - MainStreet

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Unfortunately, we're not all born with the "good with money" gene—but it seems that you can work on harnessing those inherited financial flaws. 4 Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Banishing Bad Money Habits

One woman shares how, when it comes to finances, she can't help but fib to Mom and Dad. Confessions of a 36-Year-Old: I Lie to My Parents About Money

Parents of big kids dish about the money mistakes they made ... so others don't follow in their footsteps. If Only I Knew Then ... Parents' Biggest Financial Regrets

If you've experienced a big change in your life—say, getting married or having a baby—chances are that your portfolio needs to change, too. 5 Times When You Should Recalculate Your Investment Game Plan

Plenty of people juggle a few jobs to make ends meet—but it turns out that some of us are simply addicted to big paychecks. Are You an Overearner? A Dangerous New Work Trend

The old adage says that money can't buy happiness, but new research indicates that it may be possible ... if you know how to use your cash right. The Trick to Buying Happiness? Spend Smarter


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