7 Money Links We Love: Why Your Boss Doesn't Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

7 Money Links We Love: Why Your Boss Doesn't Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

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A recent study shows that connecting with your superiors on social media could make them uncomfortable. Here's why. The Reason You Shouldn't Facebook Friend Your Boss - MainStreet

More companies are instituting vacation policies that allow employees to take as many vacation days as they'd like—but it may be a better deal for employers than workers. Would You Like Unlimited Days Off? - The Christian Science Monitor

New research examined whether the stereotype of the conceited, snobby rich person holds any truth. Great Wealth Brings Great Narcissism, Study Finds - MSN Money

If you've exhausted your network and still can't find an in with your dream company, reaching out to a stranger could be a good bet. How to Write a Cold Email that Will Land You a Job - Levo League

In the post-recession world, your payment history is more important than ever when it comes to those magic three numbers. How Credit Scoring Has Changed Since the Recession - The Billfold

One simple trick can help you avoid the drama that often accompanies giving your grown children cash. Teach Your Kids Financial Independence While Keeping Your Sanity - YourTango

Looking to upgrade your phone but dreading the price tag? Check out these five savings tips, from buying refurbished to buying at the right time of year. 5 Simple Ways To Save On Your Next Smartphone - Business Insider

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From the man who pinched pennies in order to open a fro-yo shop to the woman who decimated half her debt by selling ugly sweaters on Etsy, these supersavers' stories are sure to inspire. You’ll Never Believe How Much I Saved … and How

Our readers fess up to what they would have done differently when they borrowed money for college. Lessons Learned: ‘My Biggest Student Loan Regret’

Did an unexpected roadblock cause you to take a "savings vacation" from your IRA or 401(k)? You can bounce back! 3 Steps to Restart Your Retirement Savings Plan

Check out how browsing the web can trick you into opening your wallet ... and how to combat it. 5 Ways the Internet Can Make You Blow Your Budget


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