7 Budget-Busting Fashion Rules You Should Ignore

Fashion is a fickle business. Trends that we thought (hoped!) would never come back somehow manage to haunt us again and again: bell-bottoms, shoulder pads, those less-than-flattering high-waisted jeans.

Of course, there are also plenty of fashion rules that people feel the need to follow—even though they shouldn't.

"There are so many older rules that haven’t applied for ages in fashion circles, such as the idea that shoes must match your bag and no white after Labor Day," says Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Bethany Winters, who has dressed the likes of Mary J. Blige, Rod Stewart and Heather Graham. “The shift is more toward the individual, and what works for you.”

We asked Winters to debunk seven of the most antiquated fashion "rules"—the kind that have the potential to put a serious dent in your wardrobe budget.

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  • Rory’s Mom

    I don’t understand the hose issues. I can keep a pair for years without ruining them. If you are just a little bit careful they last a really long time. Wash after wash after wash.

  • Rory’s Mom

    I must say there was nothing new in this article.

  • Linda Wendling

    there are two potential issues here both deal with appropriateness – a quality many people miss the mark on. White and winter white are actually two different colors AND much of the white clothing that is sold is in lightweight fabrics and therefore inappropriate for winter (where there is an actual winter). I am afraid that in this uber-casual society we will see people following this white advice and wear summer white linen trousers in January. further, hose is still de rigueur if you are wearing a skirt suit and work in a conservative industry. I would never show up in court without hose.

  • Linda Wendling

    one more – if you are going to choose a clutch purse (limiting your ability to get anything done as one of your hands is already occupied), buy one that has an optional strap included so that you can choose to sling it over your shoulder during the day when we all have stuff to do !

  • ksgirl73

    I think I’ve broken about every one of these. I could care less about designer labels, I buy and wear what I like. I always get compliments. I feel that a lot of people wearing designer labels are only trying to impress others. I could care less if my handbag matches. I usually go for the browns and blacks anyway because they match everything. I think it depends on the situation with the hose. Personally I don’t go without it, but I know a lot of people that do. I guess it depends on the occasion and outfit. For a money saving website I didn’t find any of these suggestions all that helpful.

  • mnchkty

    NONE of these “rules” apply to me, NONE. Never have.