10 Cool Back-to-School Finds Under $10

really big eraserThe last days of summer are upon us, which can only mean one thing: You're probably being bombarded with back-to-school ads for everything from backpacks to the latest, must-have kicks for your kids.

And, in many cases, the stuff they really, really want for the upcoming school year tends to bring on sticker shock. Those jeans are how much?

But with these fun picks, you won't shell out more than $10and we're betting that your kids will also really, really want them.

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  • Rebecca W

    I saw an eraser exactly like this at Dollar Tree…look there before spending $7.

  • 2deuces

    Some of these are cute but are they needed? And as other readers point out, they can be purchased for less. And $3 for a cord winder? Little fish bone cord winders are less than 20 cents on eBay – OR you could make your own.

    • agree! that is my question everytime i saw cute stationary like this on the store. Will i use it?

  • John

    Found to be interesting !