Monthly Archives: August 2013

Are Online-Only Banks a Safe Bet?

Virtual banks can offer plenty of perks—but make sure you’re following these 3 rules to safeguard your money online. More

How the Tooth Fairy Is Making Kids Rich

A survey finds that kids today have it good: Price-per-tooth has increased 23% from 2012. So what’s the going rate these days? More

Score Your Dream Home—With a Lowball Offer

It can be risky to go too low below an asking price, but you can increase your odds of success with these 5 tips. More

7 Budget-Busting Fashion Rules You Should Ignore

A stylist saves us money (and time!) by debunking seven outdated fashion “rules” we shouldn’t follow. More

7 Ways to Make the Most of End-of-Summer Vegetables

Soups, burgers, enchiladas, oh my! Savor every last bite of summer with these hearty vegetable recipes. More

7 Money Links We Love: Why Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

Why you don’t want unlimited days off, how post-recession credit scoring works and more in this week’s roundup. More

How High Heels Can Save You Money

New research finds that being off-balance can help you hold onto your cash. Read on to find out why. More

9 Ways to Save on Kids’ Clothing

A mom of two divulges her saving-on-clothes secrets for kids of any age. More

Money Mic: Why I Stopped Taking Money From My Parents

A college senior explains why she stopped taking handouts—and how she’s learned to bank 85% of her limited income. More

Wait, So the Cost of College Has Risen How Much?!

This just in: Not only has the price of a degree jumped a whopping 500% since 1985, but grads are earning less than in 2000. More