Would You Ever Pass on a Promotion?

Would You Ever Pass on a Promotion?

We're taught to always say "yes" to new opportunities, especially as we advance our careers. But is accepting a promotion always the right move?

According to some job experts, no. Salary and prestige aren't the only things to consider when strategizing career development, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Work-life balance, the potential for job burnout and whether a promotion might sidetrack you from the position you ultimately aspire to are also important factors.


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"Will you be working 60-hour weeks and traveling during the holidays? Is the job beyond your talent level, which could end up being a march toward failure?" John McKee, a Los Angeles-based executive coach, told the Wall Street Journal. "Or maybe it's a good move at this stage of your life. These are all things to consider."

But it's something to consider carefully—at some companies, turning down a promotion could cost you a future chance at advancement. In order to avoid leaving your boss eating sour grapes, step up your game in your current role, and demonstrate that you can make a valuable contribution where you are. Offering constructive suggestions about how you can reshape your current role is also a way to demonstrate your worth to the company.

Going above and beyond now will increase your chances of climbing the ladder later, when it the timing is better for you, McKee told the Journal. Having a long-term plan that factors in career, financial and personal goals is key.

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