Why Hotel Rooms Are a Steal This Year

Why Hotel Rooms Are a Steal This Year

Book your next vacation now, before it's too late. With new hotels opening all over America, it is time to take advantage of some potentially sweet deals.

Over 600 hotels with 65,000 rooms are expected to open across the country this year, and these hotels are luring vacationers with cheaper rates and "value-added" packages, including free breakfast, parking and Wi-Fi.


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Newly renovated hotels are hopping on the bandwagon too, offering lower rates and added amenities on sites like Travelzoo.com, Priceline.com and Hotels.com.

Despite the 40% increase in hotel construction from last year, the peak of the boom is still a few years away, Reuters reports.

So where are these new hotels popping up, anyways? New York is expected to get 22 new hotels this year, followed by Chicago, which will have seven. Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., are each scheduled to open one new hotel this year.

Other areas with growth? Orlando, Miami, Nashville, Austin—there will be opportunities to score deals from coast to coast.

Even with the potential savings of a hotel construction boom, spend wisely! Wherever you decide to go, there are always easy ways to save while traveling.

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