The Winner of the July Financial Freedom Challenge!

The Winner of the July Financial Freedom Challenge!

KimThis month, in celebration of the birth of our nation, we asked our readers about the moment they gained their financial freedom.

Responses spanned the financial spectrum—from making the final payment on a loan to the moment someone decided to take control of his or her money life. We received nearly 200 amazing answers (check them out here for some inspiration!), and we thank everyone who reached out and shared their stories of financial independence.


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We'd also like to congratulate Kim from Gambier, Ohio, the winner of the July Financial Freedom Challenge! She'll receive $250 to put toward her goals. Check out the moment Kim became financially free below:

"Inspired by all the great charitable gimmicks like 'No-Shave November,' I adopted 'No-Spend March' (maybe a little less catchy, but it still works). I stuck to a plan of not spending money on any new clothes, accessories, shoes or makeup unless I was using a gift card I had received as a gift. I loved having so much extra money left at the end of the month to put toward student loans that I actually stuck to the plan for all of April, May and the beginning of June. I have only spent about $100 on these frivolous expenses since I started my challenge and I've managed to pay off an extra $1,000 of my student loans from grad school. Truth be told, I don't even miss shopping!"

Thank you, Kim!


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