Ready to Be Inspired? 12 Insights From LearnVest C.E.O. Alexa

Alexa von Tobel For LearnVest C.E.O. Alexa von Tobel, personal finance isn't a chore. It's a lifestyle.

Taking control of your finances helps you take control of your life. When Alexa started LearnVest, she didn't know what was going to happen, but she felt passionately enough about her mission that she took the risk.

Starting a business and following your dreams is hard and sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. For those tough times, Alexa told herself a few words of wisdom to keep going. From advice on family to work-life balance, Alexa's quotes remind us of what is important: love your job, appreciate the good in life and work hard. So whenever you are feeling down, take a look at Alexa's words. They can inspire you to take a risk, to seize opportunities and to do what you love.

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