Do You Need a Professional Liar to Boost Your Career?

Do You Need a Professional Liar to Boost Your Career?

Job-hunters plagued by firings, poor references or thin work histories may have extra difficulty finding positions in an already tough job market. But a Forest Lake, Minn. company called Paladin Deception Services is peddling just what they may need.

The company employs professional liars for everything from covering up extra-marital affairs to people looking to take some impromptu time off from work. But Timothy Green, the company's founder and a former private investigator, says that more than 60% of his clientele are job seekers, CNN Money reports.


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For $54 per month, a professional liar will pose as a previous supervisor to give you a positive reference, doctor your resume or even create a false former job from scratch. They do, however, draw the line at impersonating a real person or real company.

The liars, of which there are five full-timers and several part-timers, are largely actors that Green finds on Craigslist and other websites. The clients tend to be professionals in their 40s or 50s who are applying for upper-level management positions.

Is This For Real?

The legal standing of Paladin Deception Services, it's important to note, is dubious. It isn't registered with the state of Minnesota, and Green refused to share any documentation that would prove the business was a legitimate one. While the company previously advertised on Facebook, the ads were removed from the site for being "inappropriate and misleading."

Green is quick to admonish critics of his company, and states that nothing Paladin does is illegal. He also uses human nature to defend the company.

"When someone asks me how I can live with myself, I say, 'May I ask you a question? Have you told a lie this week? Do you think you may tell a lie next week? Would you never tell a lie? Are your lies more sanctified than my lies?' " he told CNN Money.

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Is It Worth the Risk?

Despite the comfort of knowing "professionals" are doing your lying for you, it's unlikely that using a service like Paladin is going to pay off in the long run.

Many hiring managers will do independent research to verify work histories and references, and if you do secure the job, it could prove difficult to keep up the act.

Instead, if you do have a gap in your work history or "irrelevant" experience, check out these six resume flaws—and how to fix them—no finger-crossing required.


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