7 Clever Summer Fruit Recipes

fruit recipesAs summer gets fully underway, our cravings for the season’s fresh fruit know no bounds. But while biting into a juicy peach is its own pleasure, sometimes you just want to get a bit more creative with all of that sweet and succulent (not to mention affordable) bounty.

Say, a blackberry tart with white chocolate ganache or perhaps some banana ice cream made from scratch? With these seven recipes, you'll never look at summer's most popular fruit the same way again—and stay on budget in the process.

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Cara Eisenpress is the cofounder and head chef of Big Girls, Small Kitchen, an award-winning home-cooking site.

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  • Joanne Peterson

    For the banana ice cream, if you add the optional fruit ingredients frozen with the milk and banana, this ice cream can be served immediately as a sort of soft serve. A splash of vanilla and/or almond extract is also delicious. This can be automatically doubled and the remainder frozen in the freezer.

    The fruit can be washed, dried, and individually frozen on cookie sheets, put into baggies and poured out as needed. You can either pre-measure the add ins or put it into a large baggie. The bananas can be individually frozen and many put into baggies frozen individually. We purchase fresh fruit in bulk in season and eat and freeze the remainder. My husband is dairy intolerant, so this is our go to ice cream for him.

    As a sort of sorbet, omit the milk and add equal amounts of fruit juice and process all frozen ingredients together all at once and serve immediately, or freeze.

    • Joanne Peterson

      I forgot to add this information about the bananas: about two cups coarsely chopped individually chopped frozen bananas pieces equals two bananas.

      Then all of the steps can be combined in one step with the additional fruit to make instant soft serve. You can also add up to two cups of fruit to make it as fruity as desired.

      I prefer not to use the microwave to partially thaw when I can do all in one step because we eat this often.

      A food processor works very well for this if you do not own a heavy duty blender.