Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why Your Raise Is Probably Better Than You Think

If you’re feeling as if your recent pay increase is just so-so, take heart: U.S. raises are actually beating the inflation rate. More

Score Back-to-School Items—Tax-Free

Everything from clothing to computers will come with tax savings of up to 7% in these 17 states. Is yours one of them? More

The Secret to Winning a Real-Estate Bidding War

Tired of getting outbid on the home of your dreams? Try these 5 tips, like being flexible about your move-in date. More

The Winner of the July Financial Freedom Challenge!

For our July challenge, we asked readers about the moment they achieved financial freedom. More

If Only I Knew Then … Parents’ Biggest Financial Regrets

From better budgeting to debt education, three parents reveal the financial moves they wish they had made with their children. More

Americans Take a Thriftier Approach to College

According to a new study, more students are cutting costs by opting to live at home—or ruling out pricey universities altogether. More

9 Tricks to Boosting Your Pay in 2014

Want to score a raise next year? Step one: Pinpoint your actual career worth. More

Women Breadwinners Work Even Harder at Home

A study finds that women who earn the bulk of their household income also help out more at home–to the tune of over 75% of chores. More

10 Ways to Make Money … Without Much Effort

From getting paid for page views to collecting dividends, these “passive income” ventures can bring in extra money–the easy way. More

Are You Undervaluing Your Career Worth?

After undercutting herself in a salary negotiation, one woman turned the misstep into a teaching moment—and found her true worth. More