Who Are the World's Best Tippers?

Who Are the World's Best Tippers?

If you Google "tip a bartender in England" you'll get advice ranging from "never do it" to "how dare you not!"

Maybe that's why only 39% of British travelers always tip while on vacation, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor. The travel site surveyed over 9,000 people in eight countries to find out who is most likely to tip while traveling.


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Germans took the top spot with 69% always tipping on trips, and Americans followed them with a strong 57%. Interestingly, we seem to tip by default when we're unsure whether we should, as only 16% say that we always feel well-informed on how much money we should leave.

This lack of knowledge can lead to some tricky situations: 16% of U.S. travelers say we have been asked to leave a tip by staff, 9% admit to confrontations about the tip and 3% of us confess that a tipping situation has ruined a vacation.

TripAdvisor found that when traveling abroad, Americans are largely trying to do their research. Three-quarters of U.S. respondents consult travel guides for advice, 46% turn to online forums and 35% pick the brains of friends or family who have visited the country before.

Traveling aside, we have enough trouble figuring out what to tip at home! That's why we're always seeking advice on how much to tip the babysitter, or how much to tip at the end of the year.

So tell us: If you've traveled abroad, how did you figure out local tipping?


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