Trust Funds: Not Just for the 1% Anymore

Alexa Pugh

trust fund baby Once reserved for the uber-rich, trust funds are becoming a fad for the masses.

Traditional trust companies can have high minimum deposits for starting a trust and charge thousands of dollars in annual fees. But companies, such as TrustEgg and Kiss Trust, are allowing customers to set up trusts online for a low minimum, and are charging fewer fees to maintain them.

Kiss Trust customers pay $199 to set up their first trust, and $99 for each subsequent trust. The company charges only the cost of the underlying mutual funds for its basic account, a 0.50% annual fee for its deluxe account and a 0.65% annual fee for its premier account. The deluxe and premier accounts come with more investment options than the basic trust.

TrustEgg makes trusts even simpler. The company doesn’t charge a set-up fee, but an annual 0.89% fee on assets in the trust, which are invested in a Vanguard mutual fund.

“This is kind of the Wal-Mart trust,” Ned Armand, President of Eastern Point Trust Company, which administers Kiss Trust, told CNBC. ”We’re bringing a tool to middle class America to allow them to better manage their finances.”

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  • your mom

    This article was a little skimpy on detail. I finished it not knowing anything about what the advantages of these new trust funds are. From what I gather these trust funds are vehicles to save money for kids, and only made available to them when they turn 18. But what are the advantages to them vs. a traditional account? What does the 0.89% fee on assets buy you?

    • Hannah

      The account at TrustEgg is invested in a Vanguard mutual fund which will earn the market rate of return. So this would be better than a simple saving account with the bank which will earn a very low interest rate.