The Winner of the June Travel Money Challenge

The Winner of the June Travel Money Challenge

Summer is officially here, and for many of us, that means getting away from work and home for a while.

For our June challenge, we asked our readers to share their best cost-cutting travel tips. We received hundreds of great responses from LearnVesters all over (enough amazing tips to inspire an article, coming soon!). Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared their savvy.


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We'd also like to congratulate Rita, a social worker for the U.S. Army in Monterey, Calif., for winning our June challenge. She'll receive $250 to put toward her next getaway.

Check out Rita's best travel tip, below:

"Go to countries that are cheap! When my husband and I are ready for our yearly trip, I use, which has a feature that lets you search 'everywhere' as your destination. We gather a list of the cheapest destinations, put them in order of interest and plan away!

We usually end up in Central or South America, which has led us to Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua and Colombia. We've seen some of the most beautiful and culturally interesting places on earth this way! We get to spend a month in these places as opposed to just a week in Europe.

This year, for our honeymoon, we are going to Southeast Asia for a month! The airfare is pricey but the countries of Southeast Asia are super affordable. We plan on keeping it on the cheap by eating a ton of street food and doing as many non-touristy things as we can."

Thank you, Rita!

Next up: Do you remember the moment you became financially independent? Share your story, and you could be our next winner! Keep an eye out for our next challenge.


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