The Student Loan Gender Divide

The Student Loan Gender Divide

Men are from Mars, women are from ....

Well, the old adage says Venus, which is fine, as long as Venus is the planet of worriers. Women normally worry more than men do about a lot things—other people's feelings, whether we've made the right decisions, and, according to new research, how in the heck we're going to pay back those monstrous student loans.


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As we sit and wait for the interest rates on certain student loans to double, a report from the Urban Institute came back with some interesting findings regarding student debt and the people who are most concerned about it.

57% of people with student loans are concerned that they might not ever be able to repay their debt—but that concern doesn't weigh out equally, according to the report. The most worried were people with children, people in households with low incomes ... and women.

Of course women were not more likely to have student loan debts than men, it's just that they're more worried about paying them back.

In the end, maybe the worry will prove to be a motivator, or added incentive to get serious about paying back that debt as soon as possible.

For now, check out LearnVest's student loan page for more news on the debt as well as tips on how to help conquer it.

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