Putting a Price on Dad

Putting a Price on Dad

The price of a stay-at-home mom's services has been widely discussed, examined and debated.

But what about dad?

Insure.com broke out the calculator and asked: How much are Dad's services worth? The calculation takes into account only his dad duties—squashing bugs, cleaning gutters, sorting out the remote controls, that kind of thing—not any money he might earn from a job outside the house.


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The answer? Dad should earn about $23,344 for all that he does at home. It may not seem like all that much, but it's actually more than his estimated dad salary last year, which was $20,248. (To see exactly how Insure.com calculated this number, consult its chart.)

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Of course, the number isn't set in stone, and pricing our dads can seem a little silly. After all, how can you really put a value on the perfect barbecue technique? All kidding aside, this number does serve a real and important purpose: figuring out how much to take out in life insurance.

What Dad's Household Value Means for the Family

When people think about life insurance, they tend to consider it macabre. But it's exactly the opposite: Life insurance is one of the things that can keep your family moving forward without undue financial strain, should the worst happen.

As we've said before, life insurance can’t "replace" a deceased loved one, like car insurance can replace a car. But it can replace—at least partially—the income he or she was contributing to the household, the income you or your children depend on to stay financially secure and enable your family to continue to live a lifestyle close to what you have now.

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Dad's (and Mom's) household contributions come into it when you consider all of the crucial tasks they undertake that wouldn't get done if they weren't around. While you can't put a price on barbecue technique, you can price things like shoveling snow from the driveway, doing taxes, dropping the kids at school and staining the deck. If one parent were no longer around to do these things, the remaining parent would likely need to pay someone else to do them. And this year, it looks like the cost to replace Dad's contributions alone is $23,344.


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