Need to Split the Check? There Are 5 Apps for That


check splitting appsNeed to divvy up that dinner bill between five people or track expenses on a weeklong business trip?

Sure, you can pop open the calculator app that comes with your smartphone to do the math. You can even jot down those amounts in your notepad app to remind you what you’re owed in case your cash-strapped friends are only packing plastic.

But if you want to skip all of that and let technology do the work, you could pick up a dedicated program that divides up the bill and adds in the tip with just a few taps.

We’re talking about check-splitting apps, which range from the supremely simple to the more calculatingly complex. Translation: There’s something for everyone out there—like these five standouts.

Tip N Split Calculator

TipNSplitThe name of this free app for Android and iOS perfectly describes its function: It adds in the tip on the dinner bill and then splits the total evenly between everyone sharing in the meal. The Tip N Split Calculator interface is frills-free—just tap in the sum on the check, the tip percentage and the number of people dividing up the total cost. (You can also tap the calculator icon to open a full-screen calc for other minor math chores.) The one downside? The app doesn’t offer a built-in function for splitting the check unevenly.

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BillrUnlike some apps that just divide the check evenly, Billr takes into account every item ordered by each person around the table (it can handle up to 16 diners), so individual tabs can be tallied. The $2 app for iOS and iPod Touch devices can also factor group expenses into each person’s total—like that bottle of robust Malbec that everyone enjoyed. As you tap through the screens, you can add in the amount of tax on the meal, and pick the tip percentage you deem worthy. Once the check has been split, you can pass the phone around the table for each person to cough up the cash—or put the whole meal on your card, and send your pals a customized bill by text or e-mail. Bonus tip: The free Advanced Bill Splitter app offers many of the same functions for Android-based phones.

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  • Caro

    No mention of Venmo? It’s like PayPal with a social media twist. You can use it to pay friends for your portion of the bill, pay your roommate for utilities… and you can also *request* payments from friends– very useful! More versatile than the apps you have here, I think.

  • Love this post!

    This is really helpful – I would love to see more posts like this!

  • CheckSpin

    Let’s not forget CheckSpin – spin to see who pays the bill, the tip, neither, or both!

  • Pak

    I used the Tip N Split on my old Droid, but for the new Galaxy S4 I found a handy app.
    Tap for Tips calculator immediately splits check for my company 2+2+1, and displays the result on the next tab.

    • Janne Haila

      I’m one of the founders, so my opinion is not very objective :) But try

      Works with laptop, desktop and smartphones. Most hand when your friends also have an account, but works also as a one man calculator. And free of course :)